Soho is one of London’s popular regions that offers amazing night-life and a comforting stay to the tourists. There is plenty in Soho that will keep you entertained for a long time. The Dean Street area has become one of the coolest areas to explore around the city, with a lot of restaurants/pubs on every corner. If you are planning to stay in London for a while, we would recommend that you book a room in Soho. Also, while you are there, these are the things you can do to have an amazing time.

Visit the Photographer’s Gallery

The Photographer’s Gallery first opened in 1971, allowing the photographers to showcase their works just like the painters did before. This gallery promoted photography as an art form to showcase the works of local and international artists throughout history. Due to its growing popularity, the area of the building was expanded and renovated in 2012.

Visit the House of Minalima

If you love the popular Harry Potter franchise, London is the place where you will find the best fan attractions, including the house of Minalima. This amazing corner is filled with amazing graphic art by the artist Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima. You can find all kinds of artworks here while Harry Potter will be the main theme.

House of Minalima

Notre Dame de France

When you are bored with the English culture and want to explore some French elements without traveling to France, this is the region you should be in. The Notre Dame de France was found in 1868. It was the first-ever cast-iron church in London. You can find murals and artworks of French artist, writer, and director Jean Cocteau.

Go book shopping

If you are a bookworm, this is definitely the place you can visit in London to explore all types of books. Foyles is a bookstore for everyone, from casual readers to literary giants. Do not mistake this area for a series of shops as it is just one massive bookstore spread over four miles. You can even find café and restaurants to sit down in between and sample some books.

Go book shopping

Search for the Seven Noses

Here is something interesting to do while you are in Soho. There are seven noses stuck to the walls around this district. Your task is to find them all. These noses mysteriously appeared in the mid-1990s. Some of them were removed, while others are still around the district. It was only a decade after their appearance that artist Rick Buckley revealed that it was him who came up with this idea.

Soho is also known for its night-life. It is a kind of place that parents would not send their kids. You can find peep shows, strippers, struggling artists, poets, musicians, all at one place having a good time at the region’s pubs and restaurants.

The Best Places To Visit In Soho

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