When you are in the Dean Street area in Soho, London, you are at luck if you have a taste for different styles of cocktails and beverages. Soho is known for its nightlife and is always packed with the crowd in every corner with a bar. The bars in Soho are known for a lot of things, from musicians and poets to strippers and peek shows. If you are old enough to drink and can take care of yourself, here are the bars that you must visit when in Soho.


Swift is people’s favorite bar that has two floors and offers a comfortable and affordable experience. It also has a brooding basement underground, so you will never run out of cocktails. You can also find all the different coffee types while you are here.

Bar Termini

Bar Termini

Bar Termini offers only two things that make it popular – coffee and cocktails. Coffe at this bar is managed by Marco Arrigo, an expert in teaching baristas in the UK. On the other hand, cocktails are overlooked by Tony Conigliaro, the alchemist behind Colebrooke Row and Zetter Town House. We believe that now we have enough reasons to visit this bar in Soho.

Blind Pig

This bar is located on top of Jason Atherton’s Social Eating House and is a worthy destination for people who look for a comfy and hidden place to drink. The design of the bar is a classic retro, but the menu serves everything modern and experimented with. Consider yourself lucky if you find the entrance to this bar.

Kettner’s Townhouse Champagne Bar

Kettner’s has been a popular hangout place in Soho for years. Today it is a part of the Soho House Group. This champagne bar offers the luxury and glamor that has attracted several celebrities, including Oscar Wilde. It does not mean that you cannot afford anything on the menu. It is a great place with happy hours between 5-7 pm.

Champagne Bar


Cahoots is a cocktail bar with a tube-theme that attracts a lot of tourists. Since the place is mostly occupied, it is suggested that you book a table in advance. The best spot in the house is the carriage. Now the bar has also introduced a ticket hall, making your chances of finding a table even more.

Basement Sate

Basement Sate is popular for its nightlife and a compact list of cocktails and desserts. You will stay entertained with a rota of DJs playing throughout the week. You can have a mixed review for the cocktails available at this place, as some may not be meant for you at all. Their crazy experiments with the cocktails is another reason this bar is weirdly popular. While you are here, do not forget to try out the Cosa Nostra.

The Best Bars In Soho

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