Gyms are undoubtedly an important part of every healthy person’s life. People look at gyms as an investment, as so many people benefit from going to gyms. Whether you want a toned body or you just want to stay in proper shape and form, gyms are quite useful. And the best part of going to gyms is that they’re convenient. You get all the equipment you need along with great professional trainers on stand-by.

Determining which gym to choose in London can be a hard task if you have no idea what to look for. There are so many gyms these days given the fact that more and more people are engaging in physical exercises. Here’s a list of some of the best gyms in London you should look into.

Top 4 Gyms in London


1. Right Path Fitness 

Located in Liverpool street,  this gym is undeniably one of the best gyms out there in London for anyone looking to stay in shape. One of the reasons why this gym is great is the trainers. They are not just there to supervise but also to motivate and push members to the limit to achieve their body goals. It’s a gym for people who are serious and determined to get into shape.


This gym offers three modes of training- live training where you’ll need to come into the gym, Virtual training, or even online training through their platform called “RPF Live.” The gym itself is clean, nice, and expansive workout floor and all the latest equipment.

  1. DW Fitness First

You can find this gym at Fitzrovia, Tottenham Court Road. The reason you should consider looking into this gym is that it is very affordable while still providing tons of basic, useful, and amazing facilities to its members. It’s an ideal training center for people who want to focus on aspects like cardio, cross-training, and even weight training.


Some of the facilities that members can find here are things like a sauna, swimming pool, a rig, air showers to help cool down, a spin studio, and even physiotherapy facilities. The best part about this gym is that, if you are a student, you can get a great deal in the form of a discount.


  1. Virgin Active

You will find this gym in Kensington. It is one of the best choices of gyms in West London. The reason why this gym is on our list is because, at an affordable price, the gym offers tons of potential and amazing facilities for people looking to train and stay in shape. The gym offers members great facilities that not a lot of gyms offer at their price points, such as yoga, boxing, and even Pilates.


Members of this gym can avail facilities like a sauna where they can sweat. There is also a place to swim, which is an amazing alternative for cardio. If you’re looking to relax and treat your sore muscles, you’re in luck. The gym also has a spa. These are all the additional facilities in addition to the basic features like weight training, resistance training, and even cross-training.

4.  E by Equinox

Located in St. James, this gym is a very upscale gym that has all the facilities you need for whatever goals you have. From resistance to intense training, you can get it all from this gym. The reason you should choose this gym is because of the great facilities they provide, such as cryotherapy, Pilates, valet services, eucalyptus-scented towels, and even compression therapy.


This gym has everything you need to stay in shape. You can find the latest and the best equipment for all sorts of training. There are precision running zones, customized treadmills, and even a spa. This is the gym that is pushing the future of fitness to a whole new level. The membership is slightly on the higher end, but the facilities and the features very well make up for it.


Best Gyms In London

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